Tips and Tricks on How to Use a Body Pillow

Did you know that you can live for three weeks without water and two months without food? But do you know if you attempted to go without sleep for more than eleven days you would die? Well, it may sound scaring but that is the bitter truth about this critical rest time that some of us take for granted. But how can you improve your sleep? One of the most important accessories of advancing better sleep is using a body pillow. However, it is important to master how to use a body pillow. In this post, we will share some of the best tricks you need to improve your sleeping time. 

What is a Body Pillow? 

Before proceeding, we will need to define a body pillow. A body pillow is an oversized pillow that provides you with extraordinary comfort and rest during your sleep. Unlike the other pillows, a body pillow molds itself on your body to give you that extra support your back needs while eliminating pains at your body’s pressure points such as knees and elbows. Additionally, using these pillows lets you enjoy your night without needing to toss or turn yourself during the night. 

Establish the Benefits of Using a Body Pillow 

Having set the foundation by defining a body pillow, we take another twist towards proper body pillow usage, and this time, focusing on the benefits of using it. This approach is important since the “why” side of the equation is more important than the “how to” since after learning how to use a body pillow, it is important to understand the value it adds to your life. Here are some of the selected benefits of using these pillows.  

  • They help you to achieve better alignment on your body spine since they conform to your body shape naturally  
  • They are helpful in preventing back and neck aches  
  • You can use them to deal with other health conditions such as heart problems and acid reflux 
  • They provide you with extra support, leading to relief from stress and back pain 
  • You enjoy better breathing and enhanced circulation  
  • They aid in promoting better muscle relaxation 
  •  A good body pillow can help you to deal with snoring problems, especially if you are expectant  
  • It also gives you better abdominal support when sleeping 

Sleeping on Different Types of Pillows 

Using body pillows depends on the kind of pillow you have. In this section, we shall discuss how best you ought to utilize different types of body pillows. 

  • U-shaped pillows 

The U-shape is one of the most liked types of body pillows. This type of pillow allows you to wrap it around your body. It works by letting your head to rest at the top of the curve of the “U.” Additionally, you can wrap the other arms of the pillow around you with one arm wrapping your back and the other your front side. Their large size requires you to have an extra large bed to accommodate their size  

  • I-shaped pillows 

These types of pillows are shaped like the letter “I,” and hence, their name. Unlike their U-shaped counterparts, these body pillows are smaller and are suitable for users with small beds. Additionally, they cost lesser than their U-shaped counterparts. If you want a body pillow for relieving your spine and general backaches and supporting your knees, you can opt for them. Moreover, they are a good bet for those who need to sleep on their sides because they help in the alignment of the neck while sleeping on the sides. If you want to get the best of them, go for those ones that fit your individual body shape and sleeping style because they come in thin and thick forms.  

  • J-shaped pillows 

This type of body pillow, also known as C-shaped, is great when you need to support your knees and neck. They come in between the U and I shapes since they fit well between knees, helping to relief straining and backaches. Moreover, they are suitable for any type of bed, unlike their U and I counterparts that are designed for large and small beds.  

How to Use a Body Pillow Irrespective of Its Type 

To use different types of body pillows, you need to do the following: 

  • Use them every night to enjoy maximum benefits on a daily basis 
  • When you first go to bed, it is necessary to position yourself with the pillow around you 
  • Ensure that you hug and position yourself around the pillow so that it supports your neck and back 
  • Don’t throw your leg all over the pillow when sleeping on your sides or else you will suffer unnecessary strain on your back. Therefore, it is necessary to rest the pillow while lying flat on your side  

Maintaining Proper Alignment 

Alignment is one of the most critical factors to consider when using a body pillow. Irrespective of your preferred sleeping position, align your shoulders, ears, hips. Here are tips on to help you use your pillow well. 

  • Avoid sleeping of your belly because it strains your back by putting your spine out of its proper position 
  • Using a body pillow below your tummy and pelvic region helps in keeping your spine in an advantageous alignment 
  • Should you want to sleep on your belly, use a flat pillow or avoid it altogether  
  • If you use a body pillow to support your head, ensure that it supports your neck’s natural curves and your shoulder 

Body Pillows and Sleeping Positions 

A body pillow will assist you to sleep well and get the support you need to do so irrespective of your preferred sleeping position. However, it is important to understand that every sleeping position you choose will come with its unique advantages and disadvantages. But the good news is that a body pillow offers both luxury and comfort. In other words, they assist you in enhancing the benefits that accompany your preferred sleeping position.  

Additionally, they are good at eliminating every challenge that accompanies any sleeping position. Do you love sleeping on your back? Are you addicted to sleeping on your sides? Regardless of your answers, you can rest assured of sleeping well. Here are the two main sleeping positions and how a body pillow can assist you as long as you know how to use a body pillow well. 

  • Back Sleepers 

If you are a back sleeper, mastering and exercising how to use a body pillow still has many benefits. To start with, very few people love sleeping on their backs. However, a good body pillow can help you to love this position. When you integrate it with this pillow, you can enjoy better body alignment that assists in the flow of acid reflux and reducing cardiovascular challenges. Additionally, by aligning your body on your back, you will enjoy better respiration and improve your sleep. Lastly, sleeping on your back with the aid of a body pillow helps in the matching of your body contours, facilitating stress relief, and relieving of back pains.  

  • Side Sleepers 

People sleep on their sides for various reasons. Some of them suffer from a medical condition called apnea, where they stop and start breathing in their sleep. Others do so because of spinal challenges. But irrespective of the reasons, you can be assured that using a body pillow will bring you multiple benefits. For instance, these pillows can save you the chances of developing snoring, which is associated with the wrong sleeping position.  

For expectant mothers, they can benefit from these pillows because of enhanced blood circulation to the uterus. What are some of the benefits of this? You will reduce the chances of suffering from swollen ankles. Additionally, the support you receive while sleeping in this position will enable you to get the comfort you need in key areas such as the neck, tummy, and back.  

Closing Remarks 

Learning how to use a body pillow is key in helping you to reap all the benefits that go with these critical sleeping accessories. It helps you get the best out of any sleeping position you may prefer to sleep in. In addition, use these pillows according to the type that meets your personal needs. Before using them, it is necessary to determine the kind of benefits you want from using them.  

When making this choice, you may also consider other factors such as your health or other transitory conditions that require specific sleeping positions, for example, pregnancy where you should sleep on your sides. With all the benefits of mastering the usage of these body pillows at your fingertips, we believe that you will optimize all these insights to help you improve your sleeping routines every day. The ball is now in your court to make the right choice to learn and use body pillows for better sleep.