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In 2004 Catherine Vivian conducted a pilot study of the perceived effects of Bowen Therapy on children with Cerebral Palsy.

The study concluded that there were a number of perceived improvements. Improvements in co-ordination and flexibility had the largest number of changes. The changes to behaviour demonstrated that Bowen therapy affects more than isolated muscles and connective tissue.

To read more about this pilot study, click here. (A PDF document is available to download.)


Experience within the clinics has shown that children with dyspraxia gain enormous benefit from treatment and this group of children respond especially well to Bowen therapy.

Howard Plummer is co-ordinating a special study, monitored by the medical profession, especially for dyspraxic children throughout all the clinics.

If you have a child who could benefit from participating in this important research, please contact your nearest clinic directly for further details.


In accordance with the BTPA Codes of Practice, therapists treating children under 16 years of age are required to have the child's parent or guardian present at all times.

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