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Bowen Therapy for period pains

Allergy Awareness Week


How you can keep moving at any age – just like our Queen

Bowen Therapy could help Olympic hopefuls

Eliminate hay fever the natural way

Bowen Therapy eases the strain of pregnancy pains

Bowen Therapy helps chronic pain roll off your back


Bowen Therapy achieves National Recognition


Bowen Technique provides wide ranging fertility and pre- and post-natal support options

Bowen Technique set for recognition by National Register

New national Bowen Therapy study into knee and ankle problems


New study shows that most shoulder and neck pain sufferers are helped by the Bowen Technique

Bowen Therapists organise national shoulder and neck pain survey

‘Health and Wellbeing@Work’ 2008: Meaning business with the Bowen Technique

New, more extensive research confirms Bowen Technique helps most Back Pain sufferers


‘Health and Wellbeing@Work’ 2007: Back Pain research shows effectiveness of Bowen Technique

Gently therapy helps tough guy Bear to face up to the challenge

Help back pain research – and get better while you’re doing it!

Migraine Awareness Week 2-8 September 2007 - The Bowen Technique and Migraine

Bowen Technique helps transform lives of Asthma sufferers


The Bowen Technique at the ‘ONE LIFE’ SHOW 2006

The Bowen Technique and health supplements

Dedicated Bowen 'Back Pain' week

Radio show boosts awareness of Bowen Technique

Research project shows great majority of back pain sufferers responding to Bowen Therapy


“Gentle power” therapy attracts record number of practitioners

The Bowen Technique at the Vitality Show 2005

Sample ‘Bowen’ treatments for asthma and hay fever sufferers

The Bowen Technique and asthma

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